Action Network plugin now in WordPress repository

I have finally posted my Action Network plugin on the plugin repository. You can find it here:

or, you can now just go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress backend and search for “Action Network” (right now it’s a few rows down, but I presume it will move up as folks use it more).

The 1.0 version includes couple of new features:

  1. A calendar of events shortcode and widget! If you are syncing via the API, this will display an arbitrary number of your next upcoming events! You can also manually add in Ticketed Events (which are not yet available through Action Network’s API), or non-Action-Network events.

    Development of this feature was supported by The People’s Lobby, so if you like it, please consider making a donation to them.

  2. A simple signup widget, which does not require loading Action Network’s javascript embed codes. This widget allows you to place an email-and-zipcode signup form in a header or sidebar and still embed an Action Network petition or letter campaign or event on the same page (Action Network’s javascript will only load one form or action per page).

    This feature does depend on having an API key, so will only be of use to Action Network partners.

If you find this plugin useful, please consider supporting my work by hiring me, making a donation, or buying me a book 🙂

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